Ad Networks For Publishers

Ad Networks For Publishers
The most popular way that blogs make money blogging is through ads they place on their blogs.

You could sell direct ad space but to do that you really need some traffic first.

A good way to get ads going is by signing up for ad networks and pasting a code to your website.

Here’s a list of Ad networks that you can use.

Infolinks In Text Ad Network
InfoLinks is another great ad network.

They pay both for clicks and ad views. Though you do need lots of website visitors to your site to earn a good amount.

Once your sites are approved they provide you a code which you stick into your website and you can control your ad code from your infolinks account.

Admonsternetwork is a newer Ad Network.
They say they pay a minimum of 60 cents per click.

I haven’t used them but wanted to post their url to give them some exposure.


Adversal is another ad network that supposed to payout good. I haven’t experienced them as I don’t have enough traffic to my websites to get approved.

You need a minimum of 50,000 page views to get approved.

Chitika is an advertsing network that is very easy to get into.

Your site doesn’t need any minimum traffic and the payout threshold is only $10.00 via paypal.

These are a list of the ones that I currently know of. If I come across some other good networks I will update this post.

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