How To Add Images To Your WordPress Blog

Why Add Pictures To Your Blog Posts?
As the saying goes.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can describe a lot more information through a picture than you can with text.

Now that doesn’t mean your blog should be mostly pictures though and not enough text.

You still need to write the best content that you can.

But pictures in your blog posts are still recommended as they’re very helpful.

Say you’re writing out a tutorial on your blog. When I look up a tutorial I really love blogs that show pictures on how to do something.

Without the pictures I usually have to leave the blog and search on the internet again to find pictures or videos showing the steps to show me how to actually do what the blog post is describing.

Fortunately adding photos to your blog posts is really easy.

There are a few ways of doing so.

Adding Your images the old way.
The old way of placing images into your post involve using an FTP client, and some coding.

To upload images the old way you’ll need to login to your ftp account with a file up loader such as Filezilla and then upload the image/images to the “images” folder off the root of your WordPress directory.

Next you’ll need to use the below code in your wordpress posts.

< img style="float: right; margin: 0 0 5px 10px;" title="picture of something here" src="" alt="picture of whatever it is" width="187" height="94" border="0" />

This way is still an okay way of adding your images to your wordpress posts. But there is a much easier way that and the way I prefer.

Why do things the hard way when there’s an easier way? “Unless you just love doing things the hard way”

The easier way
The easier way of adding images to your post is by clicking the Add Media Button at the top of your blog post editor.

This will bring up an image Up loader where you can select your image from your hard drive.

Once your image is uploaded you can then just click a button and your image will be inserted into your post all with a click of a button.



Select Your Image From Your hard Drive
When the Up Loader shows up. You now need to browse through your images on your hard drive and select the one you want to upload and insert into your post.

Once uploaded you then select the button to the bottom right that says insert into post. “See Image Below”
You image will now automatically be inserted into your post.

That’s basically all there is to it. You can then move the code around to where you want the image to display.

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