How To Change Domain Name For Website

How To Change Domain Name For Website
You registered A domain name and have been happy with it for awhile.

You’ve created your site on this domain. But now you don’t like it and want to change it to something better?

Well it’s entirely possible to do so.

And it’s really easy too.

First Go into your web hosts CPanel and go the addon domain section.

Input your new domain and create a new directory.

Copy your website files into the new Domain Directory.

Once you’ve added your new domain you’ll need to copy your website files into the new directory of your new domain.

How To access your website while dns is propogating
While DNS is propogating you can access your site by ip by using the following.

Just change the details to your ip address, your username and folder name.

Depending on your site you may have to go into phpmy admin and change a few details such as your website domain.

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