How To Fix Partially Encrypted SSL Error

How To Fix Partial Encrypted SSL Error
SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is used for securing data between a website and the clients computer.

SSL is a must if you’re taking transactions directly through your site.

Without SSL your visitors won’t want to purchase from you.

SSL turns https into https and the address bar will turn green.

There’s a common problem that happens when someone installs ssl.

Once ssl is installed you go to your website and you see the Partially encrypted ssl error?

This is very easy to fix and I’ll tell you how to fix this common problem.

How To Fix Partially Encrypted SSL Error
The most common cause of this error is files being pulled and linked from http instead of https.

Make sure that your css files, images etc are all linked via https

Yep. That’s all there is too it. Not anything more to add to make this post longer.

Most web hosts miss this common fix. I found out how to fix it on my own when I couldn’t find any helpful information on the internet.

Everything I found and tried I couldn’t get it fixed.

Then I had the idea of checking if my files were being linked from https and that fixed it after I edited the links.

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