How To Grow Your Website Traffic With Twitter

How To Grow Your Website Traffic With Twitter.
Twitter may be known by some as a social network where people just update things about there life.

But although that’s true people do post updates about there lives.

Twitter can also be used to drive lots of relevant traffic to your website.

Follow Other People On Twitter
To Get Traffic from twitter you should follow as many people and companies related to your site as possible.

You can also follow other peoples accounts as well as they might be interested in your website.

The more you follow and the more following you the better chance you have of gaining traffic. Be patient and don’t go clicking everyone’s follow button one after the other otherwise you’re account will show suspicious activity and get locked.

But you can get it unlocked by entering a code that was text messaged to you.

Post About Your Blog or other site
When you make a new post on your blog. Tweet about it and put a link back to the article on your blog.

If someone finds it interesting they’ll check it out.

Use Images In your Tweets
To grab attention of your tweet. Post an image that relates to what your tweet is about.

I find I get more traffic with images in my tweets.

How Often Should You Tweet
If you have a lot of blog posts to tweet about. I recommend tweeting every 15 minutes.

Or you could spread the tweets out to a few tweets every day.

Best Times To Tweet
I find the best time to tweet about my blog posts are around 5:00 PM and if you’re a night owl like myself then you can post tweets throughout the night.

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