How To Advertise Your Website

How To Advertise Your Website.
Having A Website is no good if you don’t have anyone viewing it.

You need to advertise your website to people so they will know it exists.

Here’s a few ways to advertise your website.

Believe it or not. You can get lots of targeted traffic through twitter.
There’s billions of users on twitter and there’s bound to be some interested in your sites content.

Look for accounts related to your sites niche. Once you find those accounts follow them.

They will hopefully in turn follow you back. But even if they don’t follow you back.

They’ll at least see you in there follow list and might visit your website.

Once you have followers you should tweet your blog posts. They’ll in turn see it in there twitter feed and if interested they’ll click on your url.

They might even retweet your tweet to there followers.

Forum Signatures
Most Forums will allow you to post your url in your signature. A signature will show up at the bottom of each one of your posts.

Just posting is not enough. You need to do your best to post useful posts.

Spamming the forums won’t get you anywhere except maybe your account banned.

Also if you post spam no one will want to click the link in your signature.

One good forum you can sign up for and post your url in your sig “including Affiliate urls” is WebmasterBabble Webmaster Forum.

You’ll need to make 10 posts before you can add a signature.

But once you have those 10 posts you can enable your signature in your existing posts too.

Another one that I just thought of is Advertising your website in the daily paper.

Many people still read newspapers and might decide to check your website out.

Create Relevant and helpful videos on video sharing websites and put your url in the video and in the description.

Many websites get lots of traffic from there helpful videos.

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