How To Blog And Make Money From it.

How to make money blogging?
Making money blogging is a great thing. You can start up a blog and start posting and you can make money.

Here’s a few tips to get you started on your money making adventure and the blog could eventually be making you more money than your current job.

Pick A Topic you’re passionate about.
It’s not mandatory. But picking a topic you’re passionate about will make you more likely to succeed with your blog.

If you blog about something you’re not really interested in then blogging will seem like a job. But if you start A blog about something you love then it’ll be more fun.

Get the blog setup.

For this, I recommend you purchase your own domain and go with a host and upload wordpress. Or even easier just use the auto installer that the host provides.

Using the auto installer will install your wordpress or other blog in just a minute.

Monetize your blog.

Now that you have your blog setup and some posts on it. You should now signup for some ad networks.

There are many ad networks out there to choose from. Running a search for ad networks for publishers is a great way to bring up a list of these networks.

Affiliate Programs

You can also search affiliate programs related to your blog niche.

Depending on the product or service. Payouts for the affiliate programs can net $100.00 or more per sale.

At $100.00 per sale. If you make 10 sales a month you’ll be getting $1,000.00 a month.

E Books
If you’re good at writing helpful E Books you can sell these on your blog and make a really good income.

These must be helpful though as people will be paying there hard earned money to you to buy these E Books.

If your books are good they may recommend them to others.

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