Invalid Traffic Adsense Deductions

Invalid Adsense Traffic Deductions
You’re probably reading this post because you checked your adsense account and noticed that Adsense had deducted some money from your earnings for invalid traffic.

What is Invalid Adsense Traffic
Invalid traffic is traffic that clicks on the adsense ads without being interested, these clicks can come from bots, or visitors clicking the same ad within a short period of time.

Invalid traffic can also result from a click from someone and the person didn’t stay on the Advertisers website long enough or quickly clicked the back button.

Should You Be Worried?
If you only get money deducted for invalid traffic every now and then you shouldn’t worry too much.

But if it’s happening a lot and you’re getting a lot of money returned to the advertisers then you should start looking into your traffic sources and try to find where this invalid traffic is coming from.

It’s also possible that someone could be intentionally clicking on your ads in order to get your account banned.

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