How To Keep Visitors On Your Blog Longer

How To Keep Your Visitors on your blog longer

Getting visitors to your blog is an important thing. But more important
is keeping those visitors on your blog longer to view more of your post.

The more time your blog readers stay on your blog is a good indicator of how useful your content is.

The longer your readers stay on your site, read your blog posts, and explore your blogs archives, the better the chance you have at
converting those people into customers and subscribers.

Time on your site is a key SEO Metric too, and one of the users experience factors that Search Engines use to get to understand relevance and quality of your content.

How To Check The average Session Time on your site
Checking the average session time on your site is very easy by using Google Analytics.

How To Improve The Time On your site

Improving the time on your site is important. There are many ways of doing this which I’ll list below.

Use Videos In Your Blog Posts
Embedding Videos in your blogs posts is a great way to improve the time that visitors spend on your site.

Create original helpful videos related to your blog. Make them as long as possible. But don’t make them too boring otherwise
visitors will leave anyway and may not come back.

Try to get to the point in your videos and don’t drag and on about things.

Improve Your Website design
A well designed and easy to navigate website is very important if you want to keep visitors on your website and increase your chances
of those visitors returning to your site.

A poorly designed outdated website that is hard to navigate and is hard on the eyes will make your visitors leave within a few minutes.

Make Your external links open in new window
When creating links be sure to have the link open in a new window. This way your visitors won’t be leaving your website completely.
Your visitor will still have your website open in another tab.

Make Sure Your site loads quickly
A website needs to load quickly and users need to be able to get to different pages on your website without it taking to long to load
pages should load within milliseconds. If your pages sit there for awhile before loading your visitors will high tail it out of there
and find another blog to read.

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