How To Make A Blog Using WordPress

How To Make A Blog using WordPress Free Blogging Software
Creating a blog requires a few things to get started.

Below is a tutorial and list of the things that you’ll need to get started with your blog.

1: Blogging Software
To start a blog you’re gonna need some blogging software so that you can setup your blog and start writing blog posts.

Good blog software that is widely used and that I use for this site is WordPress wordpress is a free open source software that powers millions of blogs worldwide.

It’s very easy to install, and use.

2: Domain Name
Another thing you’ll need to get started is a domain name. Without a domain name your website visitors won’t be able to find your blog.

Domains are urls “uniform resource locators” that are pointed to a servers ip address. For example. The url for this website is “”

To purchase a domain you’ll need to go to a domain registrar. I use Dynadot for my domain registrations.

The current price of domains at dynadot are $10.99 a year for .com version.

That’s less than $1.00 a month.

3: Web Hosting
Another thing you’ll need is web hosting for your blog. Without a host your website won’t be accessible to anyone.

There’s lots of free blog hosting services out there but I don’t recommend using them if you’re wanting to give a professional appearance to your blog and are planning on earning money from it.

For hosting I use Hawk Host I’ve been hosting websites with them for 2 years now without a problem.

Yes I’ll admit that the link provided is an affiliate link. I’ll earn a commission if you buy from them with my link. But it won’t affect your pricing or anything else with your hosting account.

Point Your Domain To Your Host’s name servers
Once you sign up with your host. You’ll need to go into your domain registrars control panel and input your hosting providers name servers.

Names servers will look like this. “ and”

After inputting name servers it cane take up to 48 hours for your domain to propagate.

What is Propagation?
Domain propagation is the process of dns servers updating information about your domain and what domain the ip points too.

If you can’t access your site via your new domain then you’ll need to wait at least 48 hours.

The process is usually much quicker though. But 48 hours is what it takes sometimes for the process to complete.

How To View your website via ip address
While DNS is updating you can view your website and start working on it by using your server ip and your username.

What The URL will look like.
The url to access your website with ip address will be something similar to http://serverIPaddress/~cpanelusername

How To Install WordPress.
Installing wordpress blogging software can be done a few ways.

WordPress can be installed both Manually or by using your hosts control panel.

How To Install WordPress Manually
Installing wordpress Manually is very easy. It may seem daunting and if it is too hard then you can install it using auto install software.

I’ll write about that after we go through the steps on installing wordpress manually.

1: Download WordPress
To install wordpress the first thing you’re gonna need to do is download the free software to your computers hard drive.

Click Here To download wordpress software.

2: Unzip The Files
Next you’ll need to unzip the files to your hard drive. They’ll be some folders that you’ll need to upload to your hosting account where you’ll be running wordpress.

Once unzipped you’ll see a few folders. The files you’ll need to upload are the ones located in the folder named “wordpress”

To upload these files you’ll need an ftp up loader.

A good ftp up loader is Filezilla

To use this up loader you need an ftp account with your host. You should be able to setup in your cpanel account.

How To Upload using Filezilla
To upload using Filezilla ftp software you’ll need your host name, username and password.

Your host will be your domain name username will be something like and your password will be whatever you’ve set it too.

If your login was successful you should see your hosting directory where you can upload your wordpress files.

Uploading The Files
Uploading the files is really easy once you’re into your ftp folder.

On the left bottom side you’ll see a folder where you can search for your wordpress files.

The location will depend on where you downloaded to and unzipped them.

Once you find them and you’re in the correct folder on the right side.

You’ll select all the files in the left bottom side “All the files in wordpress folder”

Next you’ll right click and when the pop up comes up you just select “upload” now you sit back and wait for the files to upload.

This can take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

Create A Database
While your files are uploading. Go into your hosting control panel and create a database.

I’ve added a few pics showing where to get started creating a database.

The first link you’ll click on is the one in the first screen shot. This will take you to a page where you’ll create a database.

Recommended names for databases are wp22 or something else similar.



After entering the database name click on create database.

You should next see a page stating that says “Added The Database”

Next you’ll click the Go back Button.

Now that you’re back on the previous page. Scroll down until you see where it says MySQL User Add New User.
Enter your username, passwords, and then click on create user.

After clicking on create users you’ll be greeted with a page that says “You have successfully created a MySQL user named “Your username here”

Next click on the go back button to be taken back to the previous page you were on.

Now you’ll need to scroll down to where it says add user to database and add the new user you just created to the database you just created.

Once you click the add button you’ll be taken to a page where you will give the user privileges.

Select all privileges and then click the button make changes.

And that’s all there is too it. You’ve now created a database and user.

Now that you’ve created a database you can now go to your wordpress url and get it setup.

Installing WordPress
Once your files are uploaded and your database is setup you can now then go to your wordpress url at

You’ll then be shown a page asking you to imput your database username and password.

Next it’s just a few steps of clicking some buttons and you’ll be all setup.

Once setup you can login to your admin panel at">

I will try and get a video tutorial up soon on this.

Install your wordpress using auto installers
Installing wordpress via auto installer is much easier. You just go to your auto installer in your cpanel and click on wordpress. Enter a few details and your blog will be setup.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful for you.

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