How To Make Passive Income While You Sleep

How To Make Passive Income While You Sleep
Wouldn’t it be great to make money while you sleep?

You wouldn’t have to get out of bed on that cold winter morning, wouldn’t have to fight the cold weather, clean ice off your windshield.

You can just throw that alarm clock away and sleep in.

I’ll show you how to make money online while you snooze in bed.

I have relatives that don’t believe me when I tell them I make money while I sleep.

They are the kinds who aren’t too tech savvy and believe all the money making deals online are scams.

Yes some are. But there’s lots of genuine non scam ways to earn a nice living online.

Start A Website You’re passionate about
Many people including me make a good income from websites.

Once you start your website there are a few ways you can earn passive income from that website.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs are one great way to earn from your website. You can sign up for affiliate programs and promote those products and services on your website or through email.

Affiliate programs usually pay out pretty great. Some as high as $300.00 or more per sale.

One downside to this though is if it’s a hosting company you’re promoting you sometimes have to wait A few months before getting paid.

Sell Direct Advertising Space
If your website is popular enough you can sell sell direct Advertising Space on your website.

This can be done manually where the advertiser contacts you and you setup the ad or it can be done by automatic software.

If your site is popular enough and receives tons of traffic you’d could make around $500.00 a month per ad.

But for that kind of money you need really good website traffic.

Most advertisers want your website to be receiving at least 3,000 or more daily visitors before they’ll advertise with you direct.

A good way to get that amount of traffic is by using twitter.

Twitter can get you tons of quality direct traffic if you work it right.

You’ll need followers though as your tweets will not be seen without followers.

To build followers you’ll need to follow other users and they’ll hopefully follow you back.

Give it time and over the years if you keep working at it you’ll gain thousands of followers which in turn will gain you thousands of visitors.

Write And Sell E Books
Writing and selling E Books through your blog is another great income maker that can make you thousands of dollars.

You have to be good at writing E Books though and provide great tutorials.

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