Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

What Is Pay Per Click
Pay Per click is an advertising method that works on the basis of paying or getting paid for each click the ad receives.

Advertising with pay Per click
When Advertising with pay per click such as adwords, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

This is a good way of advertising and getting real visitors on your site.

When someone clicks on your ad you can be sure that the visitor is interested in your services.

Though there are cases of people doing click fraud. But google deals with those people quickly.

Your ads can also be shown on googles search results page when someone searches for something related to what your advertising about.

For Publishers
When publishers sign up for ad networks such as google Adsense they get a code to place on there website.

Ads will then be shown to your website visitors and if interested they’ll click on your ads.

You’ll earn a percentage of what the advertiser pays to the ad network.

If your clicks are genuine you’ll get paid for each click.

Never click on your own ads
When using ad networks never click on your own ads or encourage clicks. This is not only wrong, it’s against ad networks TOS.

You should spend your time writing content and driving traffic to your website so your ads can receive genuine clicks that resulted from actual user interest.

If you were advertising through Adwords or another service, you wouldn’t want people committing fraud on your ads. So don’t do it to them.

It’s wrong plain and simple.

Remember to work hard and you’ll earn legitimately in the end.

If you commit fraud you can lose your publisher account with Adsense or other networks and you won’t be earning anything else.

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