Does Registering Domain Longer Than 1 Year Help SEO

Does Registering A Domain Name Longer Than 1 Year help SEO RANKING?
You might’ve gotten an email from your domain registrar stating that you should register your domain for longer than 1 year.

In the email they claim that registering your domain longer than one year helps boost seo rankings?

Is This Really True?
I really don’t think it factors in at all. After Matt Cutts stated that it matters very little.

He said what really matters is the quality of the content on your website that helps ranking.

Should You Register Longer Than 1 year?
This is entirely up to you. If you have the money to register for longer periods and plan to keep the site around then yes you should register the domain longer.

But don’t do so just because it might help with SEO ranking.

It’s very hard today to rank in search engines.

To get traffic early on you need to use other ways such as twitter, facebook and youtube.

Those avenues will get you much more traffic much faster than any SEO strategies will.

So if you want to get lots of traffic to your site in a short time period then you’re gonna have to promote your site through other sites other than relying on google.

Google will get you some traffic. But not for awhile.

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