Self Hosted Blog VS Blogspot

Self Hosted Blog VS Blogspot Blog?
If you’re wanting setup a blog to start earning a living from it or just want to write about random things you’re gonna need some blog software.

There’s both free and paid options to get your blog going. But which should you choose?

Blogspot Blog
Blog Spot Is a blogging platform hosted by google that allows anyone to setup a blog within minutes for free.

They provide a subdomain like of course you can point a custom domain to blogspots service.

This can be a great way to get a blog up and going quickly.

But there are downsides to going this route.

The downsides are.

Ugly Subdomain
When you sign up for blogspot you’ll get to pick a subdomain such as and I have to be honest.

If you’re looking to be professional this isn’t gonna make your blog or yourself look good in the blogging world.

Blogspot Could Shut Down Anytime
This is highly unlikely anytime soon. But other services have shut down. Google could one day decide to close their blog hosting service and you could lose your blog.

All your hard work writing the posts could go down the drain.

Self Hosted Blog
I highly recommend if your serious about starting a blog and earning money from it to use a self hosted blog on a web host.

Many host make it easy to setup a blog using auto installers.

Hosting is so cheap and well worth it.

Reasons To Host Your own blog
Hosting your own blog on a web host means you’re in total control.

You don’t have to go by others rules.

Use your own Domain
Your own domain is highly recommended if you want to look professional and serious.

Domains can be had for less than $12.00 a year.

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