Selling Direct Ad Space. How Much To Charge Per CPM

How Much should you charge per cpm?
What to charge largely Depends on your website and how much traffic it’s getting.

What Is CPM?

CPM is Cost Per Mill Which means 1,000 impressions it means ads will be shown 1,000 times per the cost your charge.

Every time a a page is loaded the ad will display.

So how much should you start out charging for each of those 1,000 impressions?

This Depends on your site. And how much traffic it’s getting.

If your site is fairly new it will be hard to attract direct advertisers and with traffic being low you should start out charging 10 cents per cpm.

As your traffic grows or if you do have a high traffic site you could charge upwards of $1.00 or even $10.00 per cpm.

Start low though to get advertisers.

How To Sell Direct Ad Space
To sell direct ad space you’ll need a script to rotate the ads and allow advertisers to place their banner ads by themselves.

You could do it all manually but having it done automatically will help you get more advertisers.

A script I use is
It only cost $21.00 and they installed it on my server for no extra charge.

This script allows advertisers to sign up for an advertiser account and upload their banners to your script.

Once they have funded there account they can set their advertisement to go live and if you have it set to automatic approval it will go live on your sites right away.

Banners will be rotated among others.

You can also use this script to rotate your own affiliate banners on your site.

Once setup all you need to do is place a code into your site where you want your advertisements to show up.

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