Things that will drive your website visitors away

Things That will drive your website visitors away
There are things that will drive your visitors away from your website and are just plain annoying and should be avoided on your website.

If I go to a website with these things I will not return.

Propeller Ads
Propeller ads is an ad network that pays you for whenever someone clicks anywhere on your website.

I tried them myself and immediately removed them. Propeller ads makes it very hard for people to view your website.

Every time you click on any part of the website you immediately get a popup ad in a new window and you have to close it every time.

This is very annoying and even happens when you just try to scroll through the website with your mouse.

I also had a popup come up saying that my computer was infected with Malware. Yeah it probably was from the ads.

DO NOT use these ads on your website unless you want to drive your visitors insane.

The payout is definitely not worth it.

Auto Play Video ADS
This is another ad I hate. I hate whenever I go to a website and it has ads that immediately start to load and play when I view the site with the ad on it.

Sometimes I’m using a tablet and am on a data plan. These videos eat up my data and cost me money.

If you have video ads you should have them where they only load and play if someone clicks the play button.

These also slow down my computer and cause it to crash if too many ads are trying to load at one time.

Auto Playing Videos
Just the same as the Auto Playing Video Advertisements you should never have your videos auto play on your website.

I like to choose if I’m interested in viewing the video or not. If I or your other visitors are interested. They’ll click on your videos and view them.

If they auto play I’m leaving.

This is just a few things I’ve put together that annoys me when viewing a website and I hope it helps you.

If I come up with anything else I’ll update this post.

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