Tips On Choosing A Good Domain

Tips on choosing A Domain For Your website
A Domain is needed if you want people to view your site. Without A Domain Name your website will be hard to find.

Your website can still be accessed by ip address but that would be a very hard way of remembering where your site is located and how to access it.

So A domain is a must.

What Is A Domain Name?
A Domain Name is a name that is used to point to your web servers ip address.

It is also called a URL “Uniform Resource Locator”

For example. The domain for this website is “”

When you type in that name or click on a link including that name you’ll be taken to this website.

Typing in the name or clicking on the link will tell the DNS servers to locate the server that this website resides on and download it to your computer.

Amazingly this is all done within milliseconds.

Choosing A Good Domain
Finding A Good Domain can be hard today as most good domains are already taken.

But if you rack your brains you’re bound to find a great domain.

Think Outside The Box
When choosing A domain it’s better that it be related to your site’s niche but you don’t always have to have a domain name related to your website.

You can use something totally different. Think of “” they don’t sell apples but there domain says apple.

It’s a short easy to remember domain.

Avoid Hyphens
Hyphens are always bad, but it’s best if you can to avoid Hyphens in your domain. Hyphenated Domains are hard to remember and often are miss typed and your visitors can end up on your competitors site.

Use Other Extensions Available Today
The .com version of the domain you want is likely taken. That’s okay though as there are many other domain extensions out there today.

You can choose from .tv, ,xyz,.hosting,.me and much more.

Avoid Trademarks
When choosing a domain make sure that you’re not infringing on anyone else’s “Especially A Companies” Trademark or Copyright.

If you are, then when they find it, they will send you A cease and desist letter and you must get another domain or they can take you to court and sue you.

And they’re likely to win, so no point in trying to fight it.

Best thing to do is to not infringe on the Copyright or Trademark in the first place.

It will save a lot of headache in the future.

Where To Buy Your Domain Name
There are many Domain Registrars out there to choose from. But for my domains I use DynaDot

I’ve been registering domains with them for over 7 years now and have had great service from them.

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