Tips To Get Approved For Adsense

Tips To Get Approved For Adsense
Adsense is no doubt the best Ad Network out there for publishers.

They always pay on time and they have the highest pay per click.

And as long as you comply with their Tos. You WILL get paid and not scammed.

Getting into adsense isn’t all that easy though as they’re very strict on what websites they will accept.

Here are my tips on how to get approved for this wonderful program.

Create The Best Content
Before applying for an adsense account. Work on posting content to your website.

Adsense requires at least 30 Articles of content on your website otherwise they’ll reject it as insufficient content.

I’ll admit I’m not the best content writer out there.

Try to write at least 2 articles that are 800 or more in word count.

If you’re writing your content in wordpress like I am now.

Then you’ll see a word counter at the bottom of your wordpress post editor.

Right now it says this article has 167 words.

Don’t copy and Paste Content
Google Adsense wants original content that you wrote yourself.

Posting A lot of articles from other websites might get you a lot of easy fast content.

But it will do you no good when adsense rejects your application.

If you’re unable to write articles that would get you into adsense.

You might hire out some writers to write your content for you.

Add A Privacy Policy Page
Adding A Privacy Policy page isn’t optional now with adsense.

It’s now a MUST have requirement to get into adsense.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a Lawyer to write a Privacy Policy Page.

You can search google for a good free privacy policy generator.

Another requirement is a TOS “Terms Of Service” You can also find Terms of service generators online.

Site Map
A site map is also a much needed thing. It helps both google bots and actual users to navigate your website. WordPress has many plugins that will setup your sitemap for you with with a few clicks.

About US Page
Another requirement is an about us page.

You don’t have to write a novel. But just write a little about us page.

Good Website Design
Make sure your website looks modern and is easy to navigate.

Having a crappy quickly thrown up website with a crappy theme or other design will get you rejected from adsense.

Your website needs to look serious and appealing.

Make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to navigate.

Get Some Traffic
This may or may not be a requirement but I read elsewhere that adsense wants some impressions on the ad code before they’ll do the final approval.

Even if it’s not a requirement. You need traffic anyway, because without traffic you won’t earn a cent.

Yes I wrote that in capital letters. Once you’re in adsense’s program. DO NOT click on your own ads or ask anyone else to do so.

Doing so is against their TOS and is fraud plain and simple.

Clicking your own ads will get your account banned and quickly.

You can’t fool google or their bots.

You should do other productive things like working on your content and getting legit traffic to your site so you can get legit clicks and make legit money.

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