Why Your Websites earnings from Adsense Are low

Why Your Adsense Earnings Are Low
You’ve started A website to make money and you signed up for and got into Adsense.

But now that you have Adsense placed on your website, your earnings are not climbing and you might be thinking it’s gonna take forever to hit that $100.00 payout.

Here’s a few reasons why your websites earnings from Adsense are low and you’re not getting any clicks.

Not enough website Traffic
It’s not enough to setup a website and throw an adsense ad code on it. You need traffic to your website to start earning money.

Not everyone clicks on ads and they may also have Adblock installed where they don’t see your ads.

You might think 1,000 daily visitors is enough to start earning money with Adsense. 1,000 daily visitors might get you a few clicks a day but to really earn money from Adsense you need to be getting at least 10,000 daily site visitors.

This is especially true if you want to earn $100.00 a day. You’re gonna need 10,000 or more visitors a day.

Not Enough Targeted Visitors
This is another important point. It’s not enough to get traffic, you need Targeted site traffic.

Targeted traffic are visitors that are interested in what your website is about. They’re more likely to be interested in something that the ads on your website are advertising and will be more likely to click on said ads.

It’s better to have 10 targeted site visitors than it would be to have millions of un targeted visitors that will never click on your ads.

You have a low paying niche.
Not All Ads pay the same. Some websites get less clicks but earn more because the ads pay more.

There are many Niches/keywords that are high paying. Which you can find Here

How To Get Targeted Visitors
There are many ways of gaining targeted website traffic to your site.
You can use twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and related forums to gain traffic.

I’ll write about getting targeted visitors in another post. So stay tuned.

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