Why Working AT Home Is Best


Good Things About Working From Home. 

No Commute

Well. Okay there is a little commute to my office. I just need to walk from my bedroom to my living room which is just around 20 ft of walking. 

But oh is it so nice to not have to get up really early so I can get into my truck and hopefully not get stuck in traffic while on my way to work.

My own boss.
I don’t know about you? But I certainly don’t like having a boss watching my every move and making sure I get the work done. 

I work better when I’m not being watched over. Having someone watching over me while I work get’s me nervous and I can’t concentrate. 

Take Breaks when I want too.

If I want to get up from my desk and go outside for some fresh air and sunshine then I can.
I’m not stuck at my desk all day and having to wait until I can take a break.

I hear that some people find they suddenly have nothing to do at their desk job.

Well they can’t just get up and go outside without permission or risk getting fired. 

Me I can just get up and go do something totally different if I finished my work online. 

Want To Take A Vacation?
You may do so without contacting your boss. You can just pick up and leave. And if you do need to continue to work you can do so with a tablet or your laptop anywhere in the world.

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